Ecological, social, economic and technologically enhanced

« Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better » (Albert Einstein)


Sustainability means to be inspired by nature. It affords solutions which are ecological, social as well as technologically enhanced. If we can link these by means of a participative «Bottom-up» approach, we are able to increase the added value of your company, improve your products and services and social contacts. And last but not least: we can reduce your environmental impact considerably.


  • Innovative services, inspired by nature
  • a nationwide network in Switzerland
  • years of experience
  • a warm, multicultural, multidisciplinary and highly skilled team
  • original and innovative projects

Champs d’expertise:

  • education for sustainable development
  • environmentally-aware entrepreneurship
  • bionics
  • environmental sciences
  • clean technologies
  • project management
  • waste management, management of ecosystems and biodiversity
  • behavioural change