Migros-Alnatura has beeing supporting IN-FINITUDE’s BioZH project since 2016. As one of BioZH’s “Root-Partner” Alnatura assists BioZH in informing the local population about the value and importance of biodiversity, and to motivate them to participate in the protection of their immediate environment.

Öbu is the Swiss network for sustainable business. It implements projects in economy and politics and stimulates the exchange of experiences among its members. It advocates political framework conditions to help making the economy’s efforts towards sustainability profitable. In order to grant new opportunities to environment, society and companies.

The trade association swisscleantech represents the leading cleantech companies of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. swisscleantech stands for a sustainable and liberal economic policy (consistently internalizing external costs by means of lean surrounding conditions), pools the strengths of the cleantech companies and represents their interests in politics. swisscleantech aims to position Switzerland as the trailblazer in cleantech and thereby contribute to the sustainable development at the international level.